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QHSE Policy

Matrix Construction strives to provide materials, components, equipment and all services conducted by Matrix personnel to the highest quality and safety standards, which fully conforms to the client's contractual, legal and regulatory requirement whilst ensuring the health and safety of its personnel and all persons working under its control as well as the protection of the environment.

Matrix Construction is committed to:

  • Achieve customer satisfaction through meeting and complying with all customer requirements.

  • Achieve QHSE objectives set on functional and operational levels to ensure continual improvement.

  • Identify hazards, assess the risk and determining controls in areas of work to prevent injuries and ill health, and continually improve in QHSE management system & performance.

  • Achieve high level of quality, health, safety and environment performance with compliance to legal and regulations requirements and ensure that the prevention of incidents, injuries and ill health.

  • Achieve protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution.

  • Avoid accidents and promotion of a safe and healthy workplace by providing integrated safety and awareness to all employees.

  • Ensure all material and waste is safely stored to prevent any contamination of ground and surface waters.

  • Ensure provision of awareness to employees and other interested parties towards commitment with regards to QHSE policy and QHSE objectives.

  • Ensure that the employees and other interested parties are aware of their role and responsibilities to ensure conformance with QHSE policy.

Safety Management

One of our six core values is safety, for us and our customers. This starts by ensuring that our people, visitors, suppliers and customer representatives have a safe working environment. Matrix Construction has well-established local rules and policies for emergency reporting, safe systems of work, materials handling and all the processes that take place on our sites. These extend to supplier and contractor responsibilities.

Our safety systems are managed through:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001:2007

Our employees are trained, and follow mandatory and regulatory requirements. They are given thorough safety inductions before starting work. Safe working practices are followed up with tool box talks, awareness campaigns and monitoring and control at all work locations.

Quality Management

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Matrix Construction has built-in controls for materials, manpower competence, job planning and acceptance. Employees are given induction and training in quality, customers’ requirements, and their own roles and responsibilities.

Each project is carefully planned, and equipment and suppliers are inspected by trained personnel, and work instructions support each project element. The result is efficient and compliant execution, in every job.

Matrix Construction uses the most up-to-date IT systems for planning, control and monitoring / review purposes. All our staff are trained in the use of these systems as applicable.

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